Two Great New Orient Divers: Orient Kamasu / Mako 3 Bronze & Black

Left : Orient Kamasu RA-AA0813R19B Limited Edition and Right : Orient Kamasu RA-AA0001B19B, enhanced sporty looks with Rally racing hollow leather watch straps in matching colors

This time we’re going to discuss two new and attractive watches from Orient, the Orient Automatic Dive Watch RA-AA0813R19B – also known as the Orient Kamasu Bronze, and the Orient Kamasu Mako III Diver Watch RA-AA0001B19B – the black dial one. Their shared features, enriched with authentic appearance, make them highly appealing and great additions to their original Orient families.

Orient Kamasu Mako III in a proven match with a brushed Goma BOR stainless steel watch band

All in all, there’s utter confusion on which model belongs to which category. Untangling these dilemmas is an overwhelming task. It would take substantial research and expertise, and it’s questionable whether the outcome of such an effort would yield a definite answer or further deepen the confusion.

Unfortunately, the Orient company themselves don’t make things easier, either. Luckily, there is a way to get a hold of accurate information. You’ll find the instructions at the end of this article….

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