Germany’s Best watchmaker Helmut Sinn and his Sinn Watches

Sinn is a well-respected German Watch company that many watch enthusiasts consider as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced brands within the watch industry. Even as a young brand when compared with other competitors, its history has made sure the brand is well recognized and respected by constantly providing innovative and modernized technological goods to the public.

Helmut Sinn, founder of Sinn Watch

The Sinn watch company was founded in 1961 by Helmut Sinn, a former World War II pilot and a legendary blind flight instructor, under the name ‘Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren’. With extensive knowledge and experience with aviation, Sinn was manufacturing navigation clocks and pilot chronograph watches, which remain as one of the most popular styles of pilot watches today.

Dr Reinhard Furrer wore the Sinn 140 S Chronograph Watch On D-1 Space Mission In 1985

As years went by, Sinn watches were beginning to attract attention with their goods and in 1985, a German physicist, Professor Dr. Reinhard Furrer, wore the Sinn 140 S model during the D-1 space lab mission. This mission put the Sinn 140 S watch to the public, that the self-winding automatic movement of the watch was working even when in space. This was a big stepping stone for Sinn, as the company gains its reputation the watch was not only able to withstand severe conditions in space, then it could certainly be able to handle Earth-based adventures as well………

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