Apple Watch Series 5 HERMES

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes Edition

Digital watches today are no longer just a time teller, a calculator, alarm, or just a stop watch. With the technological advancement growing among us, everything can now be done in your watch. Its like a having a mini laptop wrapped around your wrist. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the first Apple Watch to sport an always-on display.

24mm Light Brown Handmade Apple watch bands with Quick Release pins 24B20BIW01V1D40

In previous years, the Apple Watch’s face remained dark until you raised your wrist. Now when you glance down at your wrist, no matter what position it’s in, you can see the time, and whatever other information you’ve configured. The Series 5 also gets a compass, and finally it offers a raft of health-related features unavailable to Series 3 buyers: ECG, improved heart sensor, fall detection.

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes Edition

Apple’s introduction of its latest edition includes the Apple Watch Hermès Series 5, essentially the smartwatch plus an Hermes leather strap and watch faces exclusive to the Hermes edition. Among other incremental improvements, the new Apple Watch has an “always-on” face that dims when you turn away, instead of going dark as on the previous generation of the watch – and it’s achieved without comprising the 18-hour battery life.

24mm Dark Brown Handmade Apple watch Quick Release Leather Watch Strap – Minimalist Snoopy 24C20BIW01V1C69

The Apple watch series 5 are available in a variety of size, color, and finishing. The launch price for the basic Apple watch 5 series in aluminum starts at 399 USD. Stainless steel version are available from 699 USD. The basic version for Apple watch 5 series Hermes edition starts at 1249 USD. Its still worth the upgrade, if you already have an Apple watch. You’re not going to get the full Apple Watch experience without that always-on display and the new watch faces.

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes Edition

Compared to past Apple Watches, which delivered then-groundbreaking features like GPS and water-resistance (Series 2), cellular connectivity (Series 3) and medical-grade health features (Series 4), the Series 5 is an incremental upgrade. Apple’s annual watch upgrades are almost too incremental, but when it comes to making a buying decision you’ll rest easy knowing you’re not missing out on game-changing upgrades. The fact that the Apple Watch 3 is still for sale and still excellent by category standards stands as proof. 


Size: 44mm / 40mm
Display: 977 sq mm / 759 sq mm
Thickness: 10.7mm
Processor: 64-bit dual-core S5 processor
Capacity: 32GB
Display: LTPO OLED Always-On Retina display with Force Touch, 1000 nits brightness
Bluetooth: 5.0
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz


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Written by Sam

Photo by Toni

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