Seiko Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 ‘Hawksbill Turtle’ LE Watch

strapcode watch bands ss201820b032-seiko-sumo-rootbeer-spb192
SS201820B032 on Seiko Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 LE Diver Watch

We can all agree that Seiko is one of the most prominent brands in the watch industry today. One of the most popular and recognized collection they created was none other than the Seiko Sumo. Just recently, Seiko has launched a new Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 diver watch that was inspired by the “Hawksbill Turtle”.

strapcode watch bands ss202003b031-seiko-sumo-rootbeer-spb192
SS202003B031 on Seiko Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 LE Diver Watch

With only 1,200 pieces produced, this limited edition is represented by the Thong Sia Watch Company Limited and it is sold exclusively in Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. Hawksbills turtles are named for their narrow, pointed beak. They have a distinctive pattern of overlapping scales on their shells that form a serrated-look on the edges.

strapcode watch bands ss201820b057_grp-seiko-sumo-rootbeer-spb192
SS201820B057 & SS201803B030 on Seiko Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 LE Diver Watch

Their hard shells on the back are particularly stoic and reliable, which coincides with the image of the Seiko Prospex diving watch. The hawksbill turtle is known as the “Thirteen-Edged Turtle”, as its carapace is mainly composed of 13 plates. For the new sumo model SPB192J1, instead of equipping the watch with a rubber strap, which is commonly used for dive watches, it comes with a stainless steel bracelet to mimic the plate’s structure of the carapace.

The overall layout for the SPB192J1 is similar to previous sumo models, which is clear and easy to read. The dual color unidirectional rotating bezel is printed with a minute scale. While the main ring is black, the first “20 minutes” of the ring is in brown, which is suppose to resemble the colors of the hawksbill turtle.

strapcode watch bands ss201820b042-seiko-sumo-rootbeer-spb192
SS201820B042 on Seiko Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 LE Diver Watch

Because of the colors used on the SPB192J1, this sumo model had another nickname that goes by ‘root beer’. The wave like pattern on the dial is also design to look like the pattern of the carapace. Furthermore, the watch features a 45mm stainless steel case, sapphire crystal surface, screw-in crown, and a professional waterproof grade of 200 meters.

This timepiece shows the high reliability of SPB192J1 diving watch model in every aspect, and will surely hold its under water. Seeing as the SPB192J1 is a limited edition model with only 1200 pieces available, be sure to place your order now before its too late.

strapcode watch bands ss201820b057-seiko-sumo-rootbeer-spb192
SS201820B057 on Seiko Prospex Sumo SPB192J1 LE Diver Watch


200m Water Resistance
Brown Dial
Date Window
Automatic with Manual Winding Capacity
Caliber 6R35
Accuracy: +25 to -15 Seconds Per Day
Stainless Steel Case and Band
Sapphire Crystal
Three-Fold Clasp with Secure Lock
Screw Case Back
Screw-Down Crown
Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
Case Size Diameter: 45mm
Case Size Thickness: 12.9mm
Case Size Length: 52.6mm

Seiko Sumo Prospex SPB192J1 LE Automatic Diver Watch- Video from Seiko Malaysia

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